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The AHHA Thailand team, under direct training from Big Teacher, (Dr Madenjit Singh) has been busy since January 2015. A lot of progress has been made on the English curriculum to make it even easier to learn English in a short period of time. The 20 exchange program students are making great gains in their understanding ‘Science of Life’ taking on greater leadership roles in preparation for being sent out to oversea English studies in a Thai public school. Here We take a look at the recent developments and future plans for AHHA Thailand.



DSC03473Following the military coup of 2014, the new Thai government is currently in the process of rewriting the country’s constitution to meet the modern needs of the people. A large part of this rewrite includes dealing with ongoing educational issues, particularly with regards to improving the number of English speakers amongst the population.

This task is primarily being managed by the Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC). This is the branch of the Thai government responsible for overseeing all mainstream public primary and secondary schools across Thailand’s circa 220 educational areas. Each of these areas is managed by a director, who has overall responsibility for all schools within that area, as well as the many thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of students.

Recognizing the huge task ahead and the new approach to education required by Thai public schools, Madenjit Singh contacted the relevant authorities to offer the services of AHHA Education. It was subsequently agreed with the OBEC that AHHA would take part in a four phase program, looking to explore the implementation of AHHA’s teaching methods in public schools.DSC03495

The pilot project in question involves the collaboration of AHHA Education and the Population and Community Development Association. The association was created by the internationally renowned Mechai Viraviadya, who is affectionately known as the ‘Condom King’ following his work promoting safe sex in Thailand during the 1970s. Thanks to the work of Mr. Viraviadya the average number of children in Thai families dropped from 7 to 1.5 in a very short space of time. He has gone on to continue his work helping the rural poor, including opening the Mechai Bamboo School where AHHA now teaches its ‘Science of Language’© English program. The collaboration looks to expand the use of AHHA’s English language program into 40 public schools nationwide over the course of 1 year.

melissarito-1745In March 2015 AHHA and the OBEC implemented phase one of the program. The AHHA team travelled to Bangkok in order to attend a training seminar where they presented AHHA’s system to the circa 220 educational area directors of Thailand. In addition, AHHA used the system in order to try and teach some of the directors additional English speaking skills over a 5 day intensive training period.

This was done by initially evaluating the directors and then splitting them into three groups, dependent on their current level of understanding. Each group was then taught by an international team from AHHA comprising of both senior staff and young graduates using the usual process of pronunciation, nouns, verbs etc. This meant that not only was AHHA able to show the way in which the system functions, but also prove that it works thanks to the graduates present. Furthermore, this was an excellent opportunity for the young graduates to obtain valuable teaching experience at the very highest level. In addition to this, AHHA also presented some of its motivational programs, including its central ‘Science of Life’© philosophy.

On the last of the five days the AHHA team met with Mr. Viraviadya, the director of the OBEC as well as other high profile dignitaries for an overall conclusion and presentation of gifts. The feedback received was very positive, with directors noting that the system was simple, enjoyable and based around actual understanding as opposed to simple memorization. In addition, there was a feeling that an excellent understanding and relationship had been built up over the five days.


The project will now move onto phase two, wherein  the AHHA team will provide a similar intensive five  day training presentation to the directors of the 40  schools to be directly involved. This will then be followed by a more in-depth twenty day training program for around 160 English teachers who will actually be teaching in the schools, using the AHHA language system.

AHHA Education is greatly looking forward to seeing the project develop and be implemented in full and are confident of its success and future expansion given the results displayed in phase one.

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