Our Big Teacher reaches Top 10 Finalists for Global Teacher Prize!

Meet our inspirational Founder, Dr. Madenjit Singh, nominated as one of the Top 10 finalists in the prestigious Varkey GEMS Foundation Global Teacher Prize. A prize awarded to one creative minded educator who has had an incredible motivational impact on their students and open community. Are you as excited as we are?!

Madenjit Singh Global Teacher Prize Top 10 Education Teaching Cambodia Laos Thailand India Malaysia

The Global Teacher Prize seeks to accomplish for educators what the Nobel Prize accomplishes for science, literature and peace. This year our Big Teacher has been selected as one of the Top 10 finalists, short listed alongside a community of outstanding nominees from all over the world.

Who is our Big Teacher?

Known to us as our motivational Big Teacher, the Chief Director of AHHA Education has been actively serving underprivileged communities across SE Asia since 1997. Malaysian born Madenjit Singh first came to Cambodia for a holiday trip, but was prevented from leaving on the last plane from Phnom Penh as civil war broke out.Madenjit Singh Global Teacher Prize Education Cambodia Laos India Thailand Malaysia

Left stranded in the country, he soon began to witness and understand the devastating and unfortunate circumstances that war had brought upon innocent Cambodians.

This is what inspired him to start AHHA Education.

What does he do?

The Science of Life programme aims to develop an individual’s potential so as to be able to overcome all the different challenges in life; not only for them to succeed in a job, but to be able to achieve full human ability in every aspect of their lives. Although receiving a number of awards for his outstanding work, nomination for the Global Teacher Prize by far grants him some of the most prestigious recognition in the world.

How has he made such a huge difference in Education?

  1. Free education for all, regardless of background, gender, religion or poverty.
  2. Pioneering active training in confidence, concentration, leadership & self belief
  3. …combined with hard skills like English Language, business, IT and accounting.
  4. Recognising people need both sets of these hard and soft skills to truly achieve full human potential.
  5. Targeting gender inequality, requiring males to bring a female friend or sister.
  6. Making all programs simple, practice-based & classroom scalable to the masses.
  7. Empowering students to become teachers in a passionate, sustainable system.


We want to say Thank you!

Thank you to our students. Thank you to our teachers. Thank you to our volunteers. Thank you to our funding, donations, investors and everybody else in between. Your support means everything!

Blessed with a worldwide foundation of support, we wanted to share this success with you personally, and thank you for all of your loyal, hardworking contributions to AHHA Education over 15 years.

Your love, unity and respect have helped change lives. 

Thank you. 

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