Classroom to Conference: ASK US ABOUT… AHHA Education!

After another fab week of preparation at our Phnom Penh HQ (and a quick 7.30am car breakdown during rush hour), GDI-AHHA Education unloaded 50 of our hard working Academy students to this year’s National Social Enterprise Conference of Cambodia 2014.

SOLS 24/7Only a couple of months away from completing their first two years of English training, what better way to practice exposure than telling people how much they’ve gained from their unique life skills programme?

Whilst the leap from classroom to conference hall is by no means a small one, simply experiencing the business environment and the opportunity to be part of one instantly opens up another perspective for their future.

The morning began with speakers and a debate in the SOLS 24/7conference hall, where the AHHA teachers were rewarded to see students posing confident questions to the jury about issues between NGO and Social Enterprises.

But no rest for the successful! By lunchtime they were lining up with their banners; talking, smiling and mingling with the crowd, inviting people to ask them honestly about the knowledge, learning, thoughts and experiences they have worked for.

SOLS 24/7The day closed with a workshop afternoon, visiting inspirational talks, movie screenings, or participating in discussion groups such as the risks of moving from an NGO to a Social Enterprise and how to approach them.

Although spending the day working with so many complex topics, our groups came out with some fantastic work and took full advantage of the opportunity to practice their vocabulary, pronunciation and confidence. Well done!

Great students with great futures and some exciting ideas for their school!

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