6 Reasons we think our Big Teacher deserves Global Teacher Prize

After our Founder’s exciting Top 10 nomination for Global Teacher Prize this weekend, here are our Top 6 reasons we think our Big Teacher, Madenjit Singh deserves to win this incredible prize by Varkey GEMS Foundation!.

1. Educating the heart:

Life is not only about the academic skills; Big Teacher established a system that helps the student to learn life skills and inspire opportunities to become teachers themselves if they want to.Madenjit Singh Global Teacher Prize Top 10 Varkey GEMS Foundation Education Teachers matter teaching Cambodia

They also encourage community service programs, for example cleaning the neighbourhood which allows them to improve themselves and give back to their communities as well.

At the end they educate their minds and their hearts, but also learn to use their hands. It’s a great system, right?

2. Breaking the cycle of poverty:

There is a huge amount of work to convince underprivileged families in underdeveloped countries:

the long term benefits of education


the short term effect of quitting school for immediate work income.

How to tell someone their education will help them in six months when their family are hungry today?

Big Teacher has done this by attracting students into the programs with tools to succeed in the workplace; he then provides extra classes in character development, confidence, the value of community work and even international volunteer opportunities. This expands their mind, broadens their skills and opens up their potential.

The more these students excel for their future, the more it sets an example to attract their peers, friends and relatives in wider communities. One step to changing society, another to changing the world…

3. Promoting gender equality in education:Madenjit Singh, Big Teacher Global Teacher Prize Varkey GEMS Foundation Top 10 education gender equality teachers matter teaching cambodia

Poverty and traditional attitudes in many underdeveloped countries undermine the capacity of woman to practice their rights.

Big Teacher is in a unique position because he took the lead internationally in driving forward the ultimate goal: education for all.

He made it a requirement for when males enrol in the school, they are rewarded for bringing another female, aiming to balance out gender equality in education.

The main reason is to help women build the same knowledge, opportunities and experience, slowly changing the attitudes of those living deeper in cultural rural traditions.

I guess he is doing a good job!!

4. Creating life changing experiences:

Big Teacher has helped provide positive opportunities for international students and volunteers to be involved in a meaningful cause, with significant purpose.

They experience cross-cultural exposure and get the chance to build inter-cultural relations; not to mention the ability to work with people from all around the world and improve skills in communication and team building.Lulla blog

Meanwhile, the students gain from exposure to real world English practice. Win, win!

5. Simplifying Everything

Big Teacher spent 28 years studying human behaviour and analysing how the brain works. After all his hard work he was able to simplify everything and invent Science of Life. This is a system which helps underprivileged people and those with no educational background to learn English as a second language within three to six months.

The main goal of the curriculum serves the purpose of motivating every student from every background, teaching them life skills and helping them reach their full human potential. Simple!

6. Making a difference in the world:

The students are given the chance to change their life, no matter what their background.

In the end it’s all about the three H’s: head, heart, and hand.

Madenjit Singh Global Teacher Prize Top 10 Varkey GEMS Foundation teachers matter education teaching cambodia make a differenceWhen it comes to educating the mind, the students will learn many hard skills from the English language, basic math and administration to higher courses in computer studies, management and accounting.

They then learn how to educate their hearts by learning Science of Life Studies, learning, understanding and practicing the true meaning of values which are written all around their school centres.

Finally, they can turn their hands by participating in community service programs and give back to their own cause as a teacher, mentor or centre manager as they grow.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, the most important thing is where are you going to…


Written by Walaa Siddig


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