Free Children Daily Classes

AHHA Education Laos’ Free Children Classes teaches children the English language, creativity, compassion and moral values in a fun way.

Children learn through a variety of mediums and early interaction with peers helps them to develop social skills at a young age. Our classes are focused in developing a strong foundation in the child’s character and in nurturing a child’s potential.



The teacher actively interacts with children while reading moral stories. Then, the children share what they've understood from the story.


Students learn (moral) English songs, often combined with dance moves. Children learn faster when both are combined.


Through coloring, painting, cutting and pasting, and other forms of art, children make the most beautiful things and often give it to their parents.


Through dramas, students learn facial expressions and how to interact with other children. It also triggers a lot of laughter and joy.


Students play different type of games and learn how to work together. It's also creating a lot of laughter for children.


Different activities like sports, outdoor games, physical exercises help children to release a lot of their energy.