Bring Back Home Program

[Exchange Program + Magan]

What is this program about?

Our Bring Back Home Program is a powerful educational program where outstanding volunteers get a 2 year placement in one of our overseas operations; Laos or
Cambodia. After getting a lot of experience and having developed many skills, the volunteers return to Timor-Leste and transfer their gained knowledge and skills to Timorese youths for another 6 months.

What do students gain?

  • International training and working experience
  • Airplane & travel experience
  • International peer modeling
  • Independent thinking and learning
  • Expansion of the AHHA skill set
  • New learning experiences
  • Interactions with people from different cultural backgrounds.


Upon completion of the ‘Bring Back Home Program’, students will be rewarded with an
Action Learning NGO Bachelor Degree in Language and Development Studies.