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AHHA Thailand Progress

[hr] The AHHA Thailand team, under direct training from Big Teacher, (Dr Madenjit Singh) has been busy since January 2015. A lot of progress has been made on the English curriculum to make it even easier to learn English in a short period of time. The 20 exchange program students are making great gains in […]

International Volunteer Experiences in AHHA Education

[hr] Effie Bigum, 24 years old, Australian girl, is now a current volunteer in AHHA Education. She is placed in Buri Ram province, Thailand, the headquarters of our international NGO. Effie has shared her experience and thoughts about the organization. Let’s get to know her better! [hr]   1. Effie, it’s a pleasure to have […]

Our Big Teacher reaches Top 10 Finalists for Global Teacher Prize!

Our Big Teacher reaches Top 10 Finalists for Global Teacher Prize!

Meet our inspirational Founder, Dr. Madenjit Singh, nominated as one of the Top 10 finalists in the prestigious Varkey GEMS Foundation Global Teacher Prize. A prize awarded to one creative minded educator who has had an incredible motivational impact on their students and open community. Are you as excited as we are?! The Global Teacher Prize […]

AHHA Global Village 2014

Friday’s social night coincided with the international teachers monthly meeting in GDI-AHHA Education HQ. It was a perfect opportunity for them to showcase their various cultures. The students were keen to understand more about the different countries that were on display. These included: England, France, Spain, Senegal, Denmark, The Netherlands, Macau, China, Japan, Austria, USA, Canada, […]

Capoeira Workshop

GDI-AHHA Education students spent Saturday afternoon learning about Capoeira – a traditional martial art form originating from African slaves in Brazil. Adilson from Angola paid a visit to the main centre to showcase the different musical instruments that are used in Capoeira. He then treated everyone to a crazy performance on the stage. The students learnt some […]

Classroom to Conference: ASK US ABOUT… AHHA Education!

After another fab week of preparation at our Phnom Penh HQ (and a quick 7.30am car breakdown during rush hour), GDI-AHHA Education unloaded 50 of our hard working Academy students to this year’s National Social Enterprise Conference of Cambodia 2014. Only a couple of months away from completing their first two years of English training, […]