GDI-AHHA Education takes First Place for Japan’s ‘Most Innovative Development Project 2013-2014’

19th June 2014, Accra – GDI-AHHA Education took first place for the Japan’s Award for the ‘Most Innovative Development Project’ given out by Global Development Network (GDN). The awards ceremony was held in Accra, Ghana in conjunction with GDN’s 15th Annual Global Development Conference.

GDN is a public International Organization that builds research capacity in development globally. With the mission to empower researchers in developing countries, to strengthen research skills, and to mobilize research for public policy, the Global Development Awards objective is to recognize and support innovative development projects which have high potential or are already significantly impacting marginalized and disadvantaged groups located in developing countries.

GDI-AHHA Education’s project entitled ‘Equal Opportunities for Education’ is focusing on providing practical and holistic education to the rural poor in Cambodia. Having already set-up 60 centers in Cambodia, GDI-AHHA Education aims at having 100 centers by mid-2015. This is to increase our reach and impact in the rural areas in Cambodia, where the educational and economic gap is slowly widening between those who live in the capital and those who are living in the villages.

Our Country Director receives the ‘Most Innovative Development Project’.

Besides GDI-AHHA Education, 2 other organizations who were up for the awards were firstly, ’Sustainable Development for All’ from Kenya- a project focusing on using solar energy to light up LED lanterns which can be used to replace smoky kerosene lamps. Secondly, ‘Deepak Foundation’ from India which has developed a decision supports system (DSS) for improving maternal health and health literacy for below poverty line women. Despite being competitors, there was very much a spirit of sharing and cooperation throughout the conference as participants felt that it was more important to learn and share ideas from one another rather than to compete to prove who is better.

GDI-AHHA Education feels honored for having received the esteemed recognition for all the services that has been done for the past 14 years. We feel blessed that we have been able to dedicate our time and energies to serving humanity. The recognition which GDI-AHHA Education and the team have received is giving us more opportunities to educate more people. The award carries with it a prize of USD 30,000 where GDI-AHHA Education will use to set-up 10 more centers. These centers will offer our English and Life-skills courses and be a hub for various community services. May GDI-AHHA Education continue to keep up the good work in empowering individuals and communities through education.

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